From evolution-

The Nordic Arctic region hosts some of the harshest and hostile climatic conditions on earth. The dramatic seasonal contrast of temperature has forced nature to equip itself with a series of extreme protective biological mechanisms.

We take pride in developing products with some of the Arctic nature´s most potent extracts. These extracts have been protecting species under the most extreme conditions for millions of years so imagine what they can do for your skin. One of these extracts have become the core ingredient in a new range of products as the first of its kind.          

The patent pending Arctic Čaga extract has its origin from a rare species of parasitic fungus growing on the bark of betula genus trees in the Northern parts of the world. It has a rich background in folk medicine as tinctures and tea to aid the immune system and suppress infections.

The Arctic Čaga extract exhibits a very potent antioxidative effect on human skin cells. Results from several studies prove to reduce the oxidative damage of 80% within only 60 minutes. 


The Čuvget range of skin care products also contain a wide range of active ingredients which will stimulate your skin to build the post powerful barrier and protection against aging processes in your skin. 

We conduct a delicate and sensitive extraction processes in order to secure the most potent arctic extracts.

The Arctic nature is our "warehouse" and science is our "key".