My skin got the glow back



'm a Swedish/Spanish girl, originally born in Ibiza but moved pretty soon to Brazil where I stayed until I was five. Then I moved to Sweden.
 I’ve been working as a model for more than 10 years. When I moved from Sweden to LA 7 years ago my skin started to change. I started to get small bumps on my skin. I’m not sure if it was the pollution in LA or some kind of allergy. I’ve done all types of treatments and used all the ”so called” best products on the market, but nothing has helped.
I was a loyal user of Čuvgets earlier products for many years and then the products went off the market for a new formula and packaging. I’ve been emailing Čuvget for years asking them about the product and where I can get it again. Now I finally have the products again. I have been using the Instant Vitamin Ampoules for a month now and after two weeks all the bumps are gone.
So now my skin feels amazing again. I have gotten back the natural glow that I had before I moved to LA. This product is like a magic trick. I’ve never used anything like it. 
The anti-aging part of the product is for me a bonus.
Finally I’m getting my Scandinavian glow back.
And just in time for my wedding.