Arctic Love from the Founder

My name is Geir Håvard Kvalheim and I was born and raised in a small town beyond the Arctic circle in Norway. It was a lovely childhood where me, my family and friends enjoyed the extraordinary nature far north. From my early childhood I was taught to appreciate the beautiful moments where we hiked directly from our doorstep to majestic mountains. This heritage is a present I was fortunate to receive from my parents and is something my wife and I have started giving our three beautiful boys. We believe that happiness in life is a balance of healthy living and being close to the ones we love.

In 2010 I started a journey that was going to be the ultimate challenge. My dream was to bring this present to others than my closest family. I wanted to build a company that represent the meeting point between my heritage, the environment I grew up in and healthy living. To make something that was not only just another brand in an already crowded market. I wanted to make a difference and inspire people around the world to get a glimpse of the arctic traditions and nature. However, my dream had to be more than a story. It had to be products based on real scientific documentation from world leading scientists on how we can improve skin health. How we are able to say that this is the "Enlightenment of Skin Care". 6 years later I am proud to say that this dream is about to come true. More important it is about to come true because of the people I love and my arctic heritage. I can´t wait to get out there and tell the world and hopefully inspire some of you with the unique story of ČUVGET.

Arctic love from Geir Håvard Kvalheim, Founder